All American Cards has been a very intricate expression of my life beginning around the year of 2004, while I was attending Springfield College in Tampa, Florida to obtain my Master’s degree in the Health field. I had received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida earlier in my career. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, and devoted much of my young adult life participating in these skills.

I experienced much difficulty reading with appreciation in general, of the Cards that I would read an attempt to purchase. Some of the designs were appropriate, but the wording and expressions didn’t satisfy my desires. This begin to prompt me to question my alternatives, which led to my summiting poems into an area in our local newspaper twice per week. As my skills and desires to write heightened, It was placed in my inner spirit by the Spirit influenced by Almighty God, to pursue my career in writing.

My goal is to expose All American Cards Nationally and Internationally so others may share in a card their inner expressions, that says from the heart what they would want it to say. And when others have access of our Cards, they would recognize that they are, “Cards from the Heart.”

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